Reaching into Rural America's Past


The Kitchen/Bob Bilden Center

The Kitchen/Bob Bilden Center serves a great amount of food for visitors during the show.  Every morning during the show Breakfast is served. Friday & Saturday night of the show the Kitchen serves Supper in the center. As well all day long during the show food is offered in the front part including: burgers, fries etc.


Friday Supper:


Saturday Breakfast:


Saturday Supper:


Sunday Breakfast: : "Thresherman's Breakfast"

Corn on The Cob

Wallingford Grocery

Popcorn Wagon

Wastweet Kitchen

Snack Shack

The "Best Corn on The Cob Around" is found right next to the Wastweet Kitchen. Ran by Loren Nelson and his family the corn is grilled in a large cooker. Hunderds of ears of corn are grilled and bought during the show every year! Make sure you get yours!

During the show you can find ice cold pop in glass bottles, homemade cookies, bars & donuts.


Built in Memory of Clifford Wastweet in 2003, the building is used to make some of the most popular items at the show: Fry bread and lefse!

Ran by Russ & Sharon Lembke the Snack Shack offers: cones, sundaes, shakes, poppcorn, water and pop!

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