Reaching into Rural America's Past

Daily Parade

Daily parades have been very important, crowd pleaseing features of the LIRPF shows from the very beginning. The first and second parades were through downtown Bagley; and beginning in 1978, were held where the show was taking place so that steel-wheeled tractors could also participte. The parades are organized at the present time by, with all records being computer filed, and parade ID cards printed for each unit.

Everyday beginning at 1pm all of the tractors that are lined up in the tractor display area south of the Country Shoppe all of the tractors start their engines and can be heard all through the grounds, with everyone starting to gather along the parade route waiting to see all the tractors, steam engines, machinery and construction equipment. Items are driven by their owners and others!


Sign-Up for the Parade is located on the southside of the Country Store!


Check out Parade Pictures to see tractors and more that have participated in the parade over the years!

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