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Daily Events/Attractions

Tractors & Vehicles

If your a fan of  Farmall, John Deere or Ford you will find a variety of these at the show every year. Members and non-members bring their tractor collections to be put on display for the three days. During the show you can find the tractors on th e shouth side of the Country Shoppe. Everyday the tractors particiapte in the daily parade. Vehicles that can be seen are the Bratlien Ford F-5 truck which was donated by Geri Bratlien in memory of her husban Richard Bratlien. The 1954 Ford fire truck that was used by the Bagley Fire Deprtement is on display and driven in the parades.  See Tractors pictures to see some of the tractors that are featured at the show each year!

Construction Machinery

Want to see Cat's, items that were used to grade county roads previously? Look no further than the Construction Machinery area at the show.  The Construction  Machinery area is located net the Redby Machine Shop.  Here you will fine D-8, D-6 Dozer's and much more equipment.

Gas, Steam, & Diesel Engines

One of the most popular steam  engines is the show famous Rumley Steam Engine. It was brought to LIRPF in 2008 by Eric Bolduc & Emmett Anderson, The engine is one of the leads of the daily parades and every Friday night of the show a spark show is put on with the Rumley. J.Neil's/Redby Sawmill runs twice daily during the show, more information about the sawmill can be found on the page J.Neils/Redby Sawmill. Engines that you can check out  at the show which are ran by families include: Fairbanks Morse Power Plant, Levorsen Sawmill and Steam Engine, Stenson Gas Engine, Teige Family Engines, Anderson's Model Engines, Reid Engine Builing, Gartner Display Building. A large majority of these are located on Gasoline Alley. All of these places will you a history and a look at what Gas, Steam & Diesel engines are and do!

Log Handling & Lumber Making

Located adjacent to the Roy Hemmerich Logging museum  on Sawmill Hill, the pageantry includes: cross haul log loading with horses, sally sawing, lumber sawing, lath milling, lumber planing, shingle milling, whip sawing, drag sawing, and vintage chain sawing. Sawmill Hill is one of the most popular areas at the show being very educational for attendees. Head on up to Sawmill Hill to visit the Hemmerich Logging Memorial and see the logging demonstrations!


Scale Model Railroad

The Great Itasca Railway is in full operation during the show for children and adults to take a ride on! Throughout the day and into the evening, both kids and adults could choose from a trolley car or four different trains to ride on the Lake Itasca Railway. Construction on the rail line began in 1993 by Emmett Anderson and Vern Smith. Over the years the track was expanded and trains were added and now consists of 1,500 feet of track, a covered bridge and trestle bridge. There is also a locomotive building by the track where the trains are stored throughout the winter. Make sure to check out the Railroad and take a ride on  The Great Itasca Railway!!


Located at the corner of Katzenimeyer Avenue and Gasoline Alley you will find a very important part of history the Blacksmith building. Items in the Blacksmith shop include: forges. forge bellows & blowers, anvils, drill presses, trip hammers, lathe, milling machine, and much more!


Threshing is a important and large part of the Pioneer  Farmers Show. Two different threshers have been used over thirty years, including a Wood Brothers and a late model John Deere. Steam and gas power are both used to operate the thresher. Stop by and see Albert Lucken who the head thresherman! The Threshing area can be found on the south side of the Bob Bilden Center.


Music is an important and large part of the annual Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers show. A variety of music played  on the grounds including the Country Gospel Show  Friday night wtih emcees Keith Butler & Justin Kastner alternating and the Old Fashioned Country Music Show with Wade Fradenburgh as the emcee. Many musicians have performed for many years coming anywhere from  10- 250 miles away. Music is also played in the church during the daytime of the show!


With 30 some buildings on 25+ acres there are lots history and things to see. See Buildings & Attractions for more information!

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