Reaching into Rural America's Past


We would like to welcome new members into our organization. We're glad you have chosen to inquire about joining. Our club has lots to offer members, such as free camper hook-ups all summer and during the show. Private campgrounds in the shade trees. Showers and toilets.


The Levorsen Building is open to members for Reunions, Weddings Birthdays etc.  (with reservations and agreement)


Education and experience in many fields such as:

Steam Engines

Gas engines




Large Diesel stationary engines

Broom making

Tractor pull

Restoration of countless pieces of equipment


Also places where we need the most help during the show are:





Trash Removal

You will not be forced into helping in any area, we would however be glad to train you in any area you would like to learn and the help is appreciated. Your membership is only $10.00 for a lifetime!!! The above benefits apply to working members. We only expect our working members to put in a minimum of a few hours a year.


Another way to help the organization is through equipment and monetary donations. We are a 501-C3 non profit and any donation is tax deductible!



Questions or Interested in Joining Contact:


Scott Hemmerich,   612-325-1786



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